Discipline and Martial Arts

How Martial Arts Can Teach Your Child Discipline Every parent understands that it’s important to enroll their child in extracurricular activities to ensure that they develop the skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. When choosing an extracurricular for their child, many parents will toy with the idea of…Read More

Discipline and Martial Arts

One of the most important traits to teach children is discipline. Kids have a lot of independence and big decisions to make in these modern times thanks to innovative technology like smartphones and so many social media websites. It’s hard for parents to trust that their children will have the…Read More

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Managing and controlling your child’s ADHD symptoms

If you have a child with ADHD or ADHD symptoms, then you know how overwhelming this can be. What if there was a way to control and reduce your child’s ADHD symptoms, by helping them directing their energy into something more positive? Most children with ADHD or ADHD symptoms do…Read More

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Key Behaviors for Self Discipline

We all want our children to possess the self discipline and self esteem to succeed and excel. We notice and appreciate the behaviors of well behaved and disciplined children and sometimes feel ill equipped to help our child to attain these skills. Though this development is vital its attainment is…Read More

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Gateway Behaviors are Like Gateway Drugs

When I was in junior high school, we used to have to watch those corny “gateway drug” educational films. Do you remember those? They followed a similar plot: Some clean-cut teenage boy would steal a beer from the family fridge; next we see him bowing to peer-pressure and puffing on…Read More

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Key Elements of Physical Fitness

The idea of physical fitness may conjure up visions of workouts at the gym or an early morning run for most adults. But for children fitness and exercise really means playing and being active in all their activities. In effect, children are exercising any time they are participating in sports,…Read More