[School] Professional Instructors

All martial arts instructors at Black Belt Academy in Norco, CA are trained to ensure that our martial arts classes are safe, effective and fun.

Our instructors and instructor assistants are trained to focus on more than just teaching martial arts skills. Black Belt Academy staff also are taught how to work with all students, tailoring their martial arts teaching methods to fit the individual child.

Emphasis is put on encouragement and positive correction.

We are committed to teaching the physical skills of martial arts while applying attitude-shaping exercises aimed at bringing out the best character and physical potential in each student.

Through weekly martial arts training, instructors advance their own knowledge, skills, and abilities to become even more effective martial arts teachers.

The Black Belt Academy instructors are required to maintain their personal level of martial arts knowledge and a high level of personal growth. They are expected to take classes on a regular basis and test at least once per year.

Our Norco martial arts staff at Black Belt Academy looks forward to working with you.

Here is some additional information about our Taekwondo instructors:

Grand Master Byung W. Kang

Myong Jee University – administration (bachelors degree)

Dong Kook University – administration (masters degree)

Achieved rank of 8th degree black belt (World Taekwondo Federation)

Five years K.M.A. (Korean military academy) taekwondo instructor

Five-time head coach of Olympic festival games

1985-98 U.S. national team coach

1989 9th World Taekwondo Championships in Seoul, Korea

1993 11th World Taekwondo U.S. Team coach New York

1995 Pan Am Games Taekwondo U.S. Team head coach (Argentina)

2000-2005 U.S Taekwondo Union coaching science Chairman

2000-2005 President of California State Taekwondo Association