My son needed to gain confidence  and independence

January 25, 2020

My son and I enrolled at the Black Belt Academy about 2 years ago. My son was the primary reason we began taekwondo. He was 4 and wanted to learn to fight like Ninjago, lol. We started in the combo class so that we could take classes together. Doing this was a great idea. This allowed us to help each other as we learned new forms and techniques. My son needed to gain confidence  and independence. In the beginning, he would cry and run next to me always clutching my leg. Luckily Grand Master would encourage him to keep going while he stood next to me. Eventually with time, motivation and some growth he began standing away from me and displaying independence of his own learning. We always look forward to our classes. Master Johnny is very talented and amazes us with his demonstrations. He is very skilled and demonstrates high expectations while making connections to his students, who respect him. This studio is family owned and ran. Overall this studio demonstrates a professional atmosphere and we are very happy that we chose the right studio. We just finished our belt test and earned our brown senior belts. My son and I are committed to earning our black belts and look forward to working towards this goal at Black Belt Academy.

-Jackie S. – Norco, California