Bullying and Martial Arts

Bullying, Martial Arts, Your Child and You: Is It a Good Idea? So many schools like to claim that they have “no bullying” rules, but the fact remains that teachers and other adults cannot be everywhere all the time. It is those times where and when no adult is around…Read More

Bullying and Martial Arts

Bullying is, unfortunately, a situation that many kids feel vulnerable in because they do not know how to handle it. There are many kinds of behavior that kids of any age can experience. There is verbal assault, where unkind words and insults are constantly hurled their way. There is also…Read More

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Back-to-School Safety and Health Tips

Parents today need to keep a closer eye on their children than ever before. It seems like the news reports on missing children and sexual predators nearly every day, and many parents find themselves frequently worrying about what their kids are doing throughout the day. Though parents cannot keep an…Read More

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Bullying: When to involve the police

Hearing that your child is being bullied can be heartbreaking – especially when it’s severe. If the bullying your child is experiencing escalates to being threatened or physically assaulted,  you should involve the police to help resolve the situation.   Taking threats seriously If a bully threatens your child, it…Read More

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Bullying – What Can You Do?

Recently I saw another story on the local news about a teenager committing suicide because of bullying. Unbelievable! Isn’t the school supposed to be watching what’s going on with these kids? And just last week there was another story about a Dad who had enough of kids bullying his crippled…Read More