It seems as if every day on the news there are new reports of weapons in schools. When this happens, students, teachers and staff are all put at risk, due to the unpredictable circumstances that can take place. However, it is important to evaluate why these students are bringing weapons to school and what can be done to stop this trend from increasing at such an alarming rate.

The reasons that students bring weapons to school vary. A recent study showed that some of these reasons include:
• Being bullied about physical appearance or learning disabilities
• Feeling unsafe about other kids bringing weapons to school
• Showing off to friends
• Complete emotional disconnect

These common instances are easily preventable. With help from parents and educators, these problems can be corrected. For example, the reason that some students bring weapons to school is because they think others are bringing weapons as well. The more that this snowballs and accumulates, the greater the concern. This is a dangerous situations that can happen in any school. With preventative counseling and outreach, instances like this can be avoided.


Furthermore, there is a connection to be considered between bullying and the use of weapons. If students who are bullied do not feel safe, they are 49 times more likely to bring weapons to school in order to protect themselves. Despite an increase in awareness across America, this alarming rate demonstrates just how explosive bullying in schools can be.

Some of the most popular choices for weapons include:
• Firearms
• Knives
• Clubs
• Makeshift weapons

The concern here is that many of these weapons can be taken from home. Children can even make their own weapons with instructions from the Internet. Parents may not even be aware of the problems their children are experiencing at school. Simple communication is the easiest remedy for such a troubling problem.

As the concern over weapons at school increases, so should the public awareness of the situation. Parents need to continually check in with their children to see how things are going at school. Parents should also be informing their children of what to do if they see weapons in school or if they hear someone has a weapon.

Through these precautionary tactics, we can start working towards safer schools for our children and teachers.